Cisco Nexus 9300 – (N9K-C9372) switches

Cisco Nexus 9300 (N3K-C9372) series switches was announced in 2013.
Based on combination of StrataXGS® Trident2 and ALE/ALE2.

View datasheet for Nexus 9300
Miercom report about buffer perfomance test on N9k-C9396PX.
Here you can read about Nexus 9300 architecture.

VXLAN routing on modular switches supported only when GEM modules installed(only N9K-M12PQ or N9K-M6PQ).


Cisco Nexus 9300 Enhanced
Layer 3 license
N93-LAN1K9Layer 3 including full Open Shortest Path First (OSPF),
Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Border
Gateway Protocol (BGP), and VXLAN
Cisco Data Center Network
Manager (DCNM) license
DCNM-LAN-N93-K9DCNM license for Nexus 9300 platform
Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director
N93-SERVICES1K9 IIntelligent Traffic Director network services license for
Nexus 9300 platform
FCOE LicenseN93-FNPV1K9FCOE NPV License for 9300 Series Switches
Nexus Fabric ManagerN9K-NFM1K9Automate installing and maintaining fabric-wide switch
configurations using NFM
Cisco Nexus Data Broker licenseL-NDB-FX-SWT-K9Data Broker license for Nexus 9300 platform