Extreme Summit X670-G2 switches

Extreme Summit X670-G2 series switches was announced in 2013.
Based on BCM56850 StrataXGS® Trident2.

View datasheet for X670-G2

  • 1280 Gbps switching capacity
  • Forwarding rate of up to 952 Mpps
  • Line-rate traffic throughput

You can read ExtremeXOS license guide here.

Base license – Advanced Edge. 

Advanced Edge ●  EAPS Advanced Edge (multiple physical rings)
●  ERPS-more domains (allows 32 rings with matching ring ports)
●  ESRP-Full
●  ESRP-Virtual MAC
●  OSPFv2-Edge (limited to max of 4 active interfaces)
●  OSPFv3-Edge (limited to max of 4 active interfaces)
●  PIM-SM-Edge (limited to max of 2 active interfaces) VRRP
Core License ●  EAPS “Full” (common links)
● ERPS “Full” (multiple rings)
● PIM DM “Full”
● PIM SM “Full”
● PIM SSM “Full”
● OSPFv2 “Full” (not limited to 4 active interfaces)
● OSPFv3 “Full” (not limited to 4 active interfaces)
● BGP4 and MBGP (BGP4+) for IPv4
● BGP4 and MBGP (BGP4+) for IPv6
● IS-IS for IPv4
● IS-IS for IPv6
● Anycast RP Core
Feature Packs:
MPLS Feature Pack (IPv4 only) ● MPLS, LDP, Static LSPs, OSPF-TE, MPLS label, EXP bit replacement and classification, RSVP-TE, VPLS / H-VPLS for VLANs, VPLS STP Redundancy, VPWS with ESRP redundant access, Fast Reroute (FRR), Support for PW counters, User Virtual Routers, L3VPN.
TRILL Feature Pack ●   TRILL
Capacity based License for Ports Feature Pack ● Only platforms with 40G and/or 100G ports.