HPE/H3C 5820X switches

HPE 5820X series switches was announced in 2010.
Based on Broadcom StrataXGS® IV Scorpion (BCM56820B0KFSB)

Also was selling under H3C brand – H3C S5820X. Looks similar, same software, just minor cli branding difference.

In 2015 HP have launched model line renewal, PNs was changed:
JC102A to JC102B
JG219A to C106B
JG219A to JG219B
Main difference – in SDRAM size. Initial release (А) — 512Mb, renewed release (B) — 2048Mb (except JG219B).

HP was planning to release Comware 7 for this models. Beta version was highlighted in release notes, but never was released.
On HP site you will be able to download only Comware 5.( Latest release – 17 apr 2018).

View datasheet  for H3C 5820X (A)
View datasheet  for HPE 5820X (B)
View datasheet  v2 for HPE 5820X (B)

Tolly report about HP5800/5820X test.

Check BCM56820 quick specs.

Licenses not required.
The HPE 5820X Switch Series does not support MPLS.

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