Huawei Cloud Engine S6730-H (S6330-H) switches

Huawei S6730-H series switches was announced in 2020.
Based on Huawei self-designed HiSilicon SD5981.
It was impossible to find any data about the size of the buffer or datasheet for SD5981.

Here you can read Tolly report.
Naming convensons of S6730 switches.
View Datasheet(2020) for S6730-H
View Datasheet (2021) for Huawei  S6730-H

S6730-H (S6330-H) is one of the most popular models in Russia. (01.2022).
This switch is also produced by the Huawei Carrier division under the S6330-H model.

There is some minor difference in software between S6730 and S6330. (list pending)

I suppose that soon we will see the appearance of the S6730-H48X6C-V2 and S6730-H24X6C-V2 models, which will run on the new software – Yunshan.

UPD 02.22:
New arrivals of S6730/S6330 comes with an updated component base and supports software V200R020 and higher.
Note for new revisions of S6730 :


V200R021C01 is not supported.

Some models cannot be downgraded due to component upgrade. 
Therefore, you are advised to run the display system-software
information command to check the  software versions supported
by the device before performing a downgrade. If the device does
not support the display system-software information command, 
it can be downgraded.

PN table:

ModelPart numberFW supported
02352FSGV200R013C02 and later versions
02353GFCV200R013C02 and later versions
02352FSG-001V200R020C10 and later versions
02352FSG-001V200R020C10 and later versions
02352FSFV200R013C02 and later versions
02352FWLV200R013C02 and later versions
02352FSF-003V200R020C10 and later versions
02352FWL-003V200R020C10 and later versions
S6330-H24X6C02352FSHV200R013C02 and later versions
S6330-H24X6C02352FSH-001V200R020C10 and later versions
S6330-H48X6C02352FSJV200R013C02 and later versions
S6330-H48X6C02352FSJ-003V200R020C10 and later versions


L-100GEUPG-S67HCloudEngine S6730-H Series, 40GE to 100GE Electronic RTU License,Per Device
L-VxLAN-S67S67 Series, Wireless Access Controller AP Resource License-1AP