Arista 7100 switches (DCS-7100)

Arista DCS-7100  series switches was announced in 2008.
Based on Intel/Fulcrum FM4224.

View datasheet for DCS-7124SX
View datasheet for DCS-7148SX

Volatile Memory/Non-Volatile Memory map on PCB.

DCS-7148SX test report
Buffer test report for DCS-7148SX
Panasas DCS-7148SX test report
DCS-7124S test report

  • Up to 2.56 terabits per second
  • Up to 1.44 billion packets per second

Arista 7100 comparison table:

Switch modelRelease YearPorts layoutBufferRAMFlash memoryLetencyLANZSSDFX Subsystem
Arista DCS-7124S200824 SFP+4MB2GB2GB600nsecnooptionalno
Arista DCS-7148S200848 SFP+8MB (4MB/ASIC)2GB2GB900nsecnonono
Arista DCS-7148SX200848 SFP+8MB (4MB/ASIC)4GB2GB1200nsecnonono
Arista DCS-7124SX201124 SFP+4MB4GB2GB500nsecYesnono
Arista DCS-7124FX201224 SFP+4MB4GB2GB500nsecYes50GbYes


Enhanced L3 License for Arista Fixed switches, 24-36 port 10G (BGP, OSPF, ISIS, PIM, NAT)
Virtualization license for Arista Fixed switches 24-36 port 10G (VMTracer)
Monitoring & provisioning license for Arista Fixed switches 24-36 port 10G (ZTP, LANZ, API)
LIC-7124-EEnhanced Software License for Arista 7124S switches (OSPF, BGP, PIM)
LIC-7148-EEnhanced Software License for Arista 7148S and 7148SX switches (OSPF, BGP, PIM)
LIC-7124-ZNetwork monitoring and provisioning feature set license for Arista 7100 24-port switches (ZTP, API, LANZ)

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