Cisco Nexus 9500 — (N9K-C9500) switches

Cisco Nexus 9500 (N9K-C9500) series switches was announced in 2013. 

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The available features and operating mode depends on the installed components.
ACI mode requires the installation of X9700 series cards and FM-E / E2 fabric modules.

Cisco have released several generations of line cards::
X9400 – Only NFE( Trident2)
X9400-S – Only NFE( Tomahawk)
X9500 – NFE( Trident2) + ALE
X9600R/RX – Broadcom Jericho
X9700-EX – Cisco CloudScale LSE
X9700-FX – Cisco CloudScale LS1800FX

Cisco offers three modular chassis:

MetricNEXUS 9504NEXUS 9508NEXUS 9516
Height7 RU13 RU20 RU
Supervisor Slots222
Fabric Module Slots666
Line Card Slots4816
Power Supplies4 x 3KW AC4 x 3KW AC4 x 3KW AC
Fan Trays333

Cisco nexus 9500 line card compatibility and comparison:

Line CardASICPacket BufferFM required10G SFP+10G-BASE-TSFP28 25G40G100G400GNX-OSACI
N9K-X9716D-GX160 MBFM-G0000016vv
N9K-X9736C-FXCisco LS1800FX160 MBFM-E/FM-E2/FM-G0000360vv
N9K-X9732C-FXCisco LS1800FX160 MBFM-E/FM-E2/FM-G0000320vx
N9K-X9788TC-FXCisco LS1800FX80 MBFM-E/FM-E2/FM-G0480040vx
N9K-X9732C-EXCisco LSE160 MBFM-E/FM-E20000320vv
N9K-X9736C-EXCisco LSE160 MBFM-E/FM-E20000360vx
N9K-X97160YC-EXCisco LSE80 MBFM-E/FM-E2/FM-G0048040vx
N9K-X9736PQCisco ASE42 MBFM0003600xv
N9K-X9636C-RXJericho16 GBN9K-C9508-FM-R0000360vx
N9K-X9636C-RJericho24 GBN9K-C9508-FM-R0000360vx
N9K-X9636Q-RJericho12 GBN9K-C9508-FM-R0003600vx
N9K-X96136YC-RJericho4 GBN9K-C9508-FM-R16032040vx
N9K-X9636PQTrident236 MBFM0003600vx
N9K-X9536PQTrident2 +ALE104MBFM0003600vx
N9K-X9564PXTrident2 +ALE104MBFM4800400vx
N9K-X9564TXTrident2 +ALE104MBFM0480400vx
N9K-X9432C-STomahawk32 MBFM-S0000320vx
N9K-X9408PC-CFP2Trident224 MBFM000080vx
N9K-X9432PQTrident224 MBFM0003200vx
N9K-X9436PQTrident224 MBFM0003600vx
N9K-X9464PXTrident212 MBFM4800400vx
N9K-X9464TXTrident212 MBFM0480400vx

Public Cisco datasheets used to fill this table, here is some links:
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