Juniper QFX5100 switches

Juniper QFX5100 series switches was announced in 2013.
Based on BCM56850 StrataXGS® Trident2.

View datasheet  for QFX5100
Virtual-chassis fabric manual for QFX5100
MPLS features and restrictions for Juniper QFX5100
QFX5100-48S SSD disk replacement

  • 1.44 Tbps switching capacity (2.56 Tbps for QFX5100-24Q)
  • Forwarding rate of 1.07 Bpps (1.44 Bpps for QFX5100-24Q)

QFX5100 is oversubscribed in 4:3 ratio, this may lead to enexpected behavior, if you will will not plan bandwidth usage in advance.
Quote from O’Reilly’s book about this can be found here , or in the gallery below.

Control plane on Juniper QFX5100 is based on KVM virtualization ,this gives us the ability to perform ISSU on a single routing engine.


QFX-JSL-EDGE-ADV1 QFX5100-48T and QFX5100-48S Advanced Feature License for IS-IS, BGP, VxLAN and MPLS
QFX5100-HDNSE-LIC QFX5100-24Q and QFX5100-96S Advanced Feature License for IS-IS, BGP, VxLAN and MPLS
QFX-VCF-LIC License for Virtual Chassis Fabric
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