Huawei CloudEngine – configuration basics.

By | 26.05.2019

This note was written to help network engineers to understand Huawei CloudEngine switches configuration basics.

There are different command views in Huawei VRP OS :

User view


In the user view, you can view the running status and statistics of the device.



In the system view, you can set the system parameters of the device. CloudEngine series switches have two-stage configuration mode enabled by default.

system-view immediately


In immediately view all commands are applied in one stage mode.

Let’s configure the port in the two-stage mode:

Show active config:

[~HUAWEI]display current

View current interface config:

[~HUAWEI]int 10GE 0/0/38
[~HUAWEI-10GE0/0/38]display this 
interface 10GE0/0/38
 description default-config

Disable port:

[~HUAWEI]int 10GE 0/0/38
[~HUAWEI-10GE0/0/38]undo shut

Checking config changes:

[*HUAWEI-10GE0/0/38]display configuration candidate changes
Building configuration
  interface 10GE0/0/38
-  shutdown

Checking all config, including current config changes:

[*HUAWEI]display configuration candidate merge

Clear all changes made:

[*HUAWEI]clear configuration candidate

Apply changes made:


Apply changes made with trial period of 5 minutes:

[*HUAWEI]commit trial 300
Info: The system enters the trial configuration mode.
The system will revert to previous configuration if the trial configuration is not confirmed in 300 seconds. 

Cancel trial config and rollback immediately:

[~HUAWEI]abort trial 
Warning: The trial configuration will be rolled back. Continue? [Y/N]:y
Info: The trial configuration rollback succeeded.

Save config :

Warning: The current configuration will be written to the device. Continue? [Y/N]:y
Now saving the current configuration ........
Info: Save the configuration successfully.

Rollback config to last one:

˂HUAWEI>rollback configuration last 1
Warning: This operation will revert configuration changes to the previous status. Continue? [Y/N]:y
Loading rollback changes
Check rollback result
Configuration rollback succeeded.
Please use 'display configuration commit changes last 1' to view the changes.

Show commit list :

˂HUAWEI>display configuration commit list

View changes made in last commit:

˂HUAWEI>display configuration commit changes last 1
Building configuration
  interface 10GE0/0/38
+  shutdown

History of config change in all commits:

˂HUAWEI>display configuration commit changes
Building configuration
Commit changes of commitId 1000001274 2019-05-26 13:48:57+03:00
  interface 10GE0/0/38
-  shutdown

Commit changes of commitId 1000001273 2019-05-26 13:46:11+03:00
  interface 10GE0/0/38
+  shutdown

Changes made in particular commit:

˂HUAWEI>display configuration commit changes at 1000001252
Building configuration
- vlan batch 4038 4043 to 4045
+ vlan batch 4033 4038 4043 to 4045

Show changes made from specified commit to current one:

˂HUAWEI>display configuration commit changes since 1000000810

View changes made in last 4 commits:

 ˂HUAWEI>display configuration commit changes last 4

Huawei VRP OS also has an alias feature, it can save your time. I mainly work with Juniper, so I use short aliases similar to Junos:

command alias
 alias shc1 command "display configuration commit changes last 1"
 alias shch command " display configuration candidate changes"
 alias show command display
 alias shr command "display current"
 alias sht command "display this"
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